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Scooter Rentals

Scoot About is now accepting scooter rental reservations for Amerivespa 2017, held in Seattle!

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50cc Scooters for Rent

Honda Metro

The Honda Metropolitan 49cc are good for less experienced riders who are shorter in height. They also have a stylish retro look.


Genuine Buddy


The best keeps getting better! You can’t beat a Buddy for its seamless blend of modern technology, practicality, and vintage style.


Genuine Roughhouse


Carrying a passenger? The Genuine Roughhouse is perfect for riding two-up. This scooter is practical, tough, sporty and fun.


125/170cc Scooters For Rent

Genuine Buddy 125cc


If you are 21 or older with a motorcycle license, the Genuine Buddy is perfect for seeing the sights around town. It’s fun to ride, fuel efficient and easy on the eyes!


Genuine Buddy 170cc


For those of you with a motorcycle license and are 21 or older, the Buddy 170cc is for you. It has room for a passenger and plenty of power to support its sporty style.


Amerivespa 2017 Scooter Rental Reservations

To reserve a scooter for AmeriVespa 2017 to be held in Seattle, please send an email to: with the following information:

1. Name, phone number and preferred email address 2. The size of scooter you would like to rent (i.e., 50cc, 150cc, etc.) 3. The date you would be picking up the scooter and the number of days you wish to rent

  • If you are wanting to rent a 50cc scooter you must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license and a $300 credit card deposit.
  • For larger cc scooters you must be 21 years of age or older with a motorcycle endorsement and a $300 credit card deposit.
  • Depending on the requests we receive we will adjust our fleet accordingly, but we may not be able to accommodate all of the requests for larger than 50cc scooters. From our experience with AmeriVespa 2007 we rented all of our 50cc scooters and everyone was able to attend the majority of the rides without any issues.

We look forward to seeing you during AmeriVespa 2017!

Scooter Rental Rates

A helmet is provided with each rental.




1st Hour $30 $35
2nd and 3rd Hour $20 $25
Day (over 3 hours, 10am-6pm) $75 $85
Overnight (6pm-10am) $50 $60
Full Day (10am-10am or 5pm-5pm) $85 $90
2 Days $150 $170
3 Days $225 $255
Weekly Rate $300 $340
Additional Weeks $200 $250
Deposit $300 $300
Monthly Special (Sep-Apr only) $350 $450
Safety Glasses $3  
Helmet only rental $10 first day $5 each additional day  

Minimum charge is one(1) hour and prorated every half hour after that until the day rate is reached.

Scoot About Rental Requirements

49cc scooters

  1. Must be 18 years or older for 49cc scooter.
  2. Must possess a valid driver’s license, no temporary licenses.
  3. Major credit card required for security deposit.
  4. No open-toed shoes can be worn.
  5. Must sign a Liability Waiver and Rental Agreement.
  6. Scooters must stay in the Seattle area.

125/170cc scooters

  1. Must be 21 years or older for scooters above 49cc.
  2. Must possess a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.
  3. Major credit card required for security deposit.
  4. No open-toed shoes can be worn.
  5. Must sign a Liability Waiver and Rental Agreement.
  6. Scooters must stay in the Seattle area.

What to expect

Be prepared:

We recommend that you come prepared with appropriate scooter riding apparel (eye protection, jacket, gloves, and shoes/boots) as Seattle weather can change rapidly and unexpectedly. We DO NOT recommend you wear slip-ons, sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes when riding a scooter.

Plan ahead:

From the time you arrive, please plan approximately 1/2 hour to 1 hour for check-out to complete paperwork & contract, and to go through a mandatory orientation. This time may vary, depending on the size of your group and riding experience. You rental time does not start until you have completed all paperwork and orientation and are sent on your way.

Credit card deposit:

At the time of check-out, we require a credit card on which we will place a $300 credit card authorization hold for funds PER SCOOTER. This authorization places a hold on those funds and automatically clears typically within 5-7 business days after check-in after your rental. We accept debit/credit cards with Visa, Mastercard & Discover. We do not accept Amex or other cards at this time.

Fill up with gas:

We provide you with a full tank of gas. It is your responsibility to fill the tank before returning. There is a $10.00 return fee for us to refill the tank in the event you do not do so before returning scooter. Traffic can be especially heavy at the end of the day, so please plan accordingly to allow yourself time to go gas-up the scooter before returning by 5:30pm if you are not keeping it overnight. We will provide you a map of the closest gas stations in the area at time of check-out.

Returning scooter:

For day-long rentals, we ask that you return by 5:30pm to allow time before shop closes for check-in process if you are not keeping the scooter overnight. Also allow an approximately 15-30 minutes for check-in and payment process.


Reservations can only be made on Day rentals. Your credit card information will be required at the time that we take your reservation. We typically expect that you and your party arrive at 10am and no later than 10:30 AM the day of your reservation.

Late/Cancellation policy:

In the event that you will be late, we will hold your scooter(s) for 15 minutes after you call, otherwise your scooters will be released and become available on first come, first serve basis and your credit card will be charged $50.00 per scooter.

We require 48 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE for all cancellations or a $50 cancellation fee will be charged per scooter to your credit card. (GROUP POLICY: The person responsible for making the reservation and providing their credit card info will be responsible for any/all cancellation fees, regardless of who in your group cancels. If you wish, you may have each person in your group call us to make their own reservation and provide their own credit card information.)

Group Discounts

Groups renting 5 or more scooters for the day receive a 10% discount.
Reservations are suggested.


Damages to the scooter and/or injury to the rider and/or the passenger are the responsibility of the renter. Damages to any property and/or other persons are the responsibility of the renter.