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TGB Express Delivery Scooter

Express 50cc scooter

Looking for a more efficient delivery and promotional vehicle? The TGB Express is the only scooter designed for delivery and commercial purpose. With a large 150 liter top box and lower center of gravity for better balance, the big cargo capacity and easy operation makes TGB Express the most efficient delivery vehicle.

The Express Delivery scooter has been specially designed for commercial use. It has purpose built frame for low center of gravity and adapted rear-twin shock absorbers, as well as a large 150L top case. Instead of one main stand, we equipped left and right latching side stands that have built-in engine cut-off. Also foot-rests are included for driver comfort and improved handling/weight distribution. Maybe we should call it the most luxurious scooter for commercial use!

(The TGB Express has been used by Domino’s Australia)