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GenZe 2.0S Electric Scooter

New in our showroom!

Meet the GenZe e-scooter. No gas, no emissions, no worries.

MSRP: $3,599

Beautiful Design. The GenZe 2.0S has everything you could hope for: a large back bay, an easy to charge battery, and a cast aluminum frame, all with American craftsmanship. It’s hard not to appreciate the time and energy that has been put into creating such a quality product.

Electric Made Easy. The folks at GenZe take electric living to the next level by equipping their 2.0S scooters with USB ports, keyless access and an easy to charge battery that needs only a standard plug – no special charging station!

Engineered For Life. The GenZe 2.0S is as functional as it is fun. The 1.5 kWh lithium ion batteries take 3.5 hours to charge when plugged into any standard outlet. The GenZe 2.0S can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge and it’s top speed of 30 mph and three speed settings make it the ultimate around-the-town vehicle.

Own With Confidence. With a 3-year warranty and minimal maintenance costs, owning a GenZe 2.0S is easy!

Rules of the Road. Be sure to always wear a helmet when riding on your GenZe 2.0S0 and don’t exceed the maximum carriage weight of 305 lbs. Also remember that the 2.0S is designed to only carry one passenger at a time. For any additional questions, check with your local DMV!

Added Security. New! Track and disable your scooter remotely to protect you from theft. Includes three years of 3G telematics data.


GenZe 2.0S Electric Scooter Specs


Top Speed: 30 mph (48.3 kph)
Range: 30 miles (48.3 kilometers) per charge
Driving modes: Sport mode (High performance), Economy mode (Range maximizing), Easy mode (New rider orientation), Custom mode (User defined)
Acceleration: 0 mph to 30 mph = 10 seconds (170 lb rider)


Battery type: Removable Li-Ion battery pack
Battery capacity: 1.6 kWh nominal
Voltage: 58.8 VDC at max charge and 42 VDC at min charge – 52V nominal
Charge Time: Fully charged in 4 hours
Charger Input power: 110V AC, 5 amps
Charger output: Up to 60 VDC and 500W
Battery life cycle: 800 cycles to 80% of initial capacity


Peak Torque (Nm): 100 Nm
Motor Type: Brushless permanent magnet hub motor
Climbing Performance: Up to 20% grade


Frame: Cast, welded, and powder-coated aluminum exoskeleton
Suspension: Telescopic oil damped front fork with internal coil springs, twin oil
damped coil over shock rear swing arm suspension
Brakes: Single piston hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
Regenerative braking: Yes
Tire- Front: 100/80-R16
Tire- Rear: 130/70-R12
Curb Weight: 232 lbs. (105.5 kg.)
Seat Height: 29.5 inches (749 mm)
Ground clearance-max load: 5.5 inches (139 mm)
Carrying capacity: 295 lbs
Wheelbase: 50 inches (1267 mm)