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Scoot About on King 5 – March 2012

KING-TV reporter Gary Chittim goes on location at Scoot About to report on how rapidly rising gas prices could revive a moribund scooter market.

With the ongoing unrest in the Middle East, gas prices are steadily marching northward again, with talk of $4/gallon by summer, and some are gloomily predicting $5 fuel. But every cloud has a silver lining, and since the last time gas spiked and gave a big boost to scooter sales, one wonders if it can happen again?

It is exactly this question that brought KING-TV’s Gary Chittim to Scoot About last week. He interviewed owner Susan Richardson, as she and staff member, Jodie Henry, were unloading and preparing a bunch of shiny new scooters for sale. He commented on the affordability of the scoots, as well as their downright gas-stingy 100mpg economy!

Article by Bob Brown,

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