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Tell us about your experience with Scoot About on Google Places!


Fun in February

Even in February with freezing temperatures, we still had so much fun riding scooters that we forgot all about how cold our hands were. We started off with some practice rounds in the parking lot and couldn’t stop laughing at how funny we looked in our helmets.

Susan was very thorough in her explanation of the different parts of the scooter and safety instructions. She even said it was okay if we wanted to stay in the parking lot for the full hour if we didn’t feel like we were ready to go out on the road, which we did contemplate at first.

Once we felt comfortable with our newly acquired scooter skillz, we took off on an exciting journey…to Fremont. We really enjoyed the entire eight miles. During the ride we pulled over to say how cold it was, carefully crossed the Fremont Bridge, and made sure to honk our horns a couple of times throughout the trip so that we were really official scooter riders. It was such a great experience and we definitely want to do it again, but this time in a little warmer weather. We certainly toot our horns for Scoot About!

Michelle Calahorrano, Mekenna Schwisow, and Jessica Schwisow

No Better Way to Get Around

“Oh man! No better way to get around!! We were visiting Seattle for a few days and had pretty much exhausted the feet and nearby attractions.

The price was right, so we gave Susan a ring. She pointed out some really really great routes, where to park, what to see. The scooters are super fun! With a passenger (female) on the back, it pulled moderate uphill grades right with flow of traffic, which was in the 30-40 mph range, with absolutely no complaint. I’ve owned more street and dirt motorcycles than fit on fingers and toes, but never had a leg over one of the newer 150cc scooters. It’s pretty clear that’s going to change – I want one!”

David Guerrant

To Scoot or Not to Scoot … There is No Question

My friend was visiting for a long weekend, and Saturday morning we couldn’t quite figure out how to spend our day most effectively. A scooter drove by, and then we knew. From the moment we stepped into Scoot About, our experience was first class. Neither one of us had driven a scooter before, and Susan helped us feel comfortable. The Scoot About team made great recommendations on places to go, and I feel like we got to see the city in the best way – no tour buses or boats. We went through Queen Anne, up to Green Lake, over to the U District, through the Aboretum, gawked at the beautiful houses along Lake Washington, and then we went over to West Seattle. We were on our own schedule and stopped whenever we wanted. We even set our alarms the next morning to ride more before the scooters were due back. Scooting is a blast, and Scoot About made the experience even better. When in doubt – Scoot About!

Mary Kay Huse and Elizabeth Kurfess

Honeymoon Scooter Ride

We were in Seattle for the weekend after we got back from our honeymoon on one of the cruises. Susan was very helpful, patient and friendly. We enjoyed scooting around the city and on top of that, we saved time and money not paying for taxis!

Thanks Scoot About!

Jonathan and Leah Huang

Vespa Vixens and Amerivespa

The North Carolina Vespa Vixens came to Seattle to have fun at the National Rally Amerivespa and boy did we. Susan at Scoot About gave us great service and made our trip so easy. I will always rent from Scoot About in Seattle. Thanks Susan – you are the best!

Mary Tracy, Vespa Vixen

A Bachelorette Party To Remember

We just wanted to say thank you so much for being a huge part of our bachelorette party weekend. We had friends in town from all over the country, and were looking for a way to show them around Seattle without doing the same old driving tour.

Everyone loved driving the scooters, and the initial jitters were gone in minutes and we all felt confident. The views of the city were amazing, and people on the streets loved seeing the little “gang” of the six of us, complete with our bride with her veil on.

The day flew by, and none of us wanted to turn in the bikes. Overall, the entire experience was awesome, and we highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun new way to spend the day or see the city! Thanks for everything!!!!! (P.S. The bride to be is on the right wearing the white helmet.)

Daisy Grochowski

Thank you

Just a note to say we really had fun renting scooters from you. Thank you for having them available on such short notice. We definitely will recommend you to our friends.

Bob and Erin

“Woohoo, just had my first scooter ride!”

I thought that since I’m going to be buying a scooter soon I ought to actually ride one… I popped over to the only scooter rental shop I know of (Scoot About over in Green Lake in Seattle) and despite the rain they were open! I rented a Vespa scooter for an hour. Zipped up and down the side streets with my fiancé (she rented one too), eventually getting the courage to cross a main street, then to drive on a main street moving at about 35mph.

Talk about exhilarating! At 32 years old I didn’t know I was capable of regressing to the mental state of a 10 year old with his first bike. I haven’t had this much fun since I learned to ride a bike, or drove my first car! I didn’t have gloves, was poorly dressed for the weather, but I didn’t feel the rain or the cold. I’m definitely looking forward to owning a scooter. (We’ll see how I feel after commuting around Seattle in the rain for a few thousand miles!)


Monthly Rental

I had been interested in buying a scooter for a while, so I thought I would rent one. I had just finished my MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) class and wanted to get some more seat time in the parking lot before riding in traffic. Sue was good enough to rent me her 150cc Vento Phantom. She gave me a very discounted rate since I rented it for over a month in the off-season.

I rode it on my commute and in different weather conditions. I learned a lot about riding scooters in Seattle, how much power I need, what roads are good, etc. I also learned what features I want in a scooter that I buy. The staff gave me lots of good tips for scooter owners. I am glad I could rent a scooter before I bought one.